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Lee Mills on One of 8 Billion Podcast

Lee Mills was recently interviewed for the One of 8 Billion Podcast by TEN7. In the interview, Lee talks about his life growing up, his childhood dream of being a roller coaster designer, and how he got into conducting. He also talks about the role of an orchestra conductor and the relationships between physics and music.


Growing up in a small town in Montana, Lee Mills never imagined a career in music until he went to college, where an advisor opened his eyes to the possibilities.

While he liked playing instruments, Lee didn’t love the hours of isolated practice time. When he tried conducting he discovered his true passion.

Lee also studied physics in college, and he says there are a lot of similarities between the scientific world and the musical world.

There is a great deal of competitive pressure in the conducting world, but Lee says when he is able to be part of a beautiful moment on stage, he realizes he’s doing something that makes a difference.


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